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Luciano Sorlini S.p.A.

We – as a company – joined the aeronautical industry in the early 80s, on the trail of our family’s passion for flying.

The Board of Directors

Chairman Silvia Sorlini
Vice-chairman Stefano Sorlini
Directors Adorito Beltrame
Alberto Ing. Comincioli

In a class of its own in Italy and among the highest ranking in Europe, our organisation is founded on commitment and considerable financial efforts. Besides offering periodic maintenance and servicing for aircraft in general, engines, engine components and equipment, we – as an organisation – also sell all types of spare parts.

Our staff has a proven track record and experience. In particular, besides attending frequent specific courses held by aircraft and engine manufacturers, our entire operative and technical personnel constantly keep pace with the industry through periodic training.

We hold a “civil” flying certificate, in compliance with the EASA PART 145 and EASA PART M (CAMO) European regulation and we are approved to issue Airworthiness Review Certificates (ARC). We are in a position to perform any maintenance and servicing operations concerning aviation aircraft in general.

Since 2004, we have been distributors of ROTAX products in: Italy, Spain, Portugal, Vatican City, San Marino, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Malta, Croatia, Serbia, Gibraltar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Pakistan.

Where to find us

Our offices are located in Via Marconi 33/35 in Carzago Riviera (Brescia), on the airfield bearing the same name with two grass runways measuring 450 m and 700 m respectively. Our premises feature operations offices, a spare parts warehouse, a shipment office, hangars and two workshops covering more than 2500 m2 for the maintenance of aircraft, engines, instruments and accessories. We also have an engine test bench.

45° 31′ 01″ N  10° 27′ 53″ E